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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Going Round In Circles

View of the 360 degrees revolving building 'Sufte Vollard' with 11 floors and one apartment in each floor, in Curitiba, Brazil. Each flat has a surface of 287 square meters and costs 300.000 USD (AFP/Orlando Kissner)SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - A new apartment building in the Brazilian city of Curitiba is the first of its kind. Each floor in the 11-story building can revolve independently 360 degrees to the left or to the right.

"This is the only building in the world in which each apartment can spin individually," said Joao Carlos Peters, marketing director at the Moro construction company.

The project took 10 years to complete and the suites, which each occupy an entire floor of the circular building, went on sale on Thursday for $300,000.

"This is really a work of art because this was based on an entirely new concept of living," Peters said.

Spinning in the high-tech building is activated by voice commands. It takes an hour for each 3,000-square-foot (300-square-meter) apartment to complete one rotation.

"You can't have it spin any faster because you need the turning to be subtle," Peters said.

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