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Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Sullied Name?

Father & Son is a song that needs little introduction. It's a classic Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) track that Boyzone released back in November 1995 (it stayed in the charts for 96 weeks).

It is said that Ronan was delighted when Yusuf agreed to duet with him - the last time Yusuf Islam commercially released a single was in 1977, the year that Ronan was born...and yet I wonder why Yusuf's surname, the word "Islam", was not added on the cover (see pic, far right). Is it a name that is not marketable or were "they" afraid that people would refuse to buy something with the name "Islam" on it?

Possibly I'm nit-picking here,...and then again maybe I've just pointed out an interesting indicator of the way things currently are.

And I wonder still...whether the name Islam has been sullied more by those who have hijacked it or those so readily willing to accept the worse in it.

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