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Friday, February 17, 2006

Heart on Paper

Our Colourful World by William Rowan

A voice within me told me
To put my heart on paper today,
Lost in yesterday
I'm in your confessional,
But I can't mouth my sins,
If I tried hard enough,
I guess I could hear a butterfly
Flap its wings, hear the clouds
Drift on by under a darkened sky,
But as hard as I try
I can't reach you.

If only I could make you see
The dreams my heart dreams away
Love is impossibility made true
Fear is erased through you
But still I can't persuade me...
If I tried hard enough,
I guess I could count every snowflake
In a blizzard on the coldest day,
Heal the world's heartache
Before the month of May,
But as much as I need to be defined,
I can't make you mine.

I remember how you looked,
Your eyes an orphaned child
As the sunset walked on by,
I remember you said,
"You look like gold,"
And I said "no, you do,
I'm reflecting you."
If I tried hard enough,
I could write the greatest poem
And beat Shakespeare at a play or two,
But my love I'm lost for words
When it comes to telling you...

I love you.

This lyrical poem was inspired by work from Dutch artist W. Rowan, who is also a Tarkan fan. The above painting is Rowan's too, entitled, "Our Colourful World". Picture reprinted here with kind permission from the owner.

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