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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tarkan's Fire a Slow-burner

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

UrbanIt seems that nothing in the Tarkan camp has been going according to plan for almost two years.

Prior to April this year, official release dates for the singer's début English album had kept changing, which was after Turkish DJs had decided to steal demo versions of four of the songs and illegally share them over the Net.

Tarkan's second single "Start the Fire" seems to be sharing a similar history in respect to its release - except that it's worse. The date of publication has changed on many occasions - at least ten times - with 11 August the most recent update for both the 2-track and maxi version of the CD.

More reliable than official sources for release dates has been German music site WOM, which has posted dates that Urban has synchronized with days - and sometimes weeks - later. It shows a different date than Urban yet again, this time a release seven days later on 18 August.

Hot Speculation

With each proceeding date, speculations were made that Tarkan would 'heat up' May, then June - but now it seems that frustrated fans will have to wait until August.

With two different LP versions already distributed, and the song making German radio airplay, many are left wondering why the date for release of the CD is being pushed further into the future.

LP versions of Tarkan's first English single "Bounce" and the official CD releases were released within weeks of each other.

Here is a run-down of how slow Tarkan has been in starting this fire:

"Start the Fire" Pre-release History

It has also been confirmed by certain sources via email that the video is out of post-production, and that some people have even viewed it. An extract of the video was sent to Tarkan DeLuxe before any official release, but due to Ali Yıldırım's policies it was destroyed without being viewed.

The music video has also had its share of delays, with rumours that an initial video had been filmed in Paris, which was later scrapped.

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