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Sunday, February 11, 2007

This Week

  1. Music band The Police was first called "Strontium 90" in 1977.
  2. Hollywood icon Leonardo di Caprio drives a hybrid car.
  3. The last fatal duel staged on Scottish soil was in 1826.
  4. Ireland has the highest crime rate in the European Union.
  5. British satire has its roots in 18th Century London squalor.
  6. Bipolar disorder feeds the sufferer suicidal thoughts.
  7. Data shows that one in four teenagers with access to the net view porn at least once a month.
  8. Under Swiss law, local governments are required to provide nuclear shelter spaces for everyone.
  9. The world's largest nuclear shelter is in Lucerne, Switzerland.
  10. The Norwegian government will build a "doomsday" vault that will house seeds from all known varieties of food crops.
  11. Astronauts wear nappies during launch and re-entry because they can't stop what they're doing should they need to urinate.
  12. Frankie Laine set a marathon dance record of 3501 hours in 145 consecutive days in 1932.
  13. Researchers have said that women who sniff a chemical found in male sweat experience higher sexual arousal.
  14. High-flying men are not as attractive to women looking for love as those with an average job, scientists say.
  15. A pig's mood is indicated by its tail. It is happy when the tail is tightly coiled and unhappy when it hangs limp.

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