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Monday, March 19, 2007

Cold Eventides

When we're apart
stars are exiled
from the heavens,
trees aflame at sunset
cannot warm the night;

the bedtime stories
love whispered to us
warned of such
cold eventides;

an injustice now
to its hushed words
that once warmed our cheeks,

come and warm me tonight;
burn my nakedness
in shadows for firewood,
light bonfires
brighter than any star
and teach the cosmos
how to shine,

let go of a sunrise
that will fade with time,
have courage to kiss
the patient moon;

lips fulfilling destiny
come touch the fabric
of my sky,

be love's artistry;
use our bodies as canvas
to paint a generation
of our children;

don't stand back;
paintbrush in hand
staring at our blank pages,
afraid to plunge deep inside.

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