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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In Absentia

Our bliss was a newborn child sleeping,
Its spirit bare and barely waking

To all the heights to be attained.
Our neglection was never feigned.

We just did not realise what we had
In the burning moments that surrendered

Sanity to the old world, as we
Created a new without any epiphany.

Reason cut us loose to lose all reason,
Vanities burned in a fire's perfection,

But we were scorched, too close to the flame,
Knew nothing of love except the name,

Until you left and I let you go,
And in your place all else refused to grow,

Except the longing I had for you.
Your scent a means of persuasion to do

All the rights things to dissuade the wrong,
Now even the slightest trace had gone,

Apart from the condensation bitterly wrung
From the fabric of a soul, shook undone

For droplets to give memories life.
All distance a blinding veil of strife,

Even in your absence you still remain,
To my loneliness you've signed your name*.

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