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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


"Cultural Mosaics" by Timi, writing from Kisvárda, Hungary

Today is the 51st anniversary of the Hungarian revolution of 1956 when Hungary tried to get free of Soviet communism. This small country right in the heart of Europe tried to fight the powerful Soviet Union. Her men and women went on the streets of Budapest, made the enormous statue of Stalin fall to the dirty ground, cut the socialist arms of Hungary out of the national flag - and believed they could win the battle.

And now, on the 51st anniversary, just like last year, people are on the streets again - to destroy sculptures, to break shop windows and shout words of hatred on a day when they should remember those who really did fight for this country. They go to spit on the prime minister and throw rotten eggs on him. Which they do on every occasion that comes their way, so why care that this time it is a national remembrance day?

Why can't we just stand, with our hands folded and heads lowered, at the graves of the brave that fell in 1956 and thank God that we are a free nation? Why do we need to protest against the government on such a day? Why can't we just leave our hatred and different points of view and unite just for one day? Why can't we...?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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