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Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Tarkan in the Press

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

While searching for information about the release date of Tarkan's upcoming works, a previous September 2007 article by local London based paper Avrupa reported that Tarkan's album would be released in "the next two months" has been found.

Writing that Tarkan was in London in September to record the last two tracks for his latest album, it is surmised that the album mentioned here is the re-produced version of his European release Come Closer, as its main producer, Pete "Boxsta" Martin, resides in the UK.

Time has shown, however, that the two month old article's claim that an album would be released now has not come true. Other sources have indicated that this album is not going to be released until February 2008, with Trekstor's Tarkan i.Beat project to be unveiled in the German CeBit in March 2008.

Even though Chip Online reported about the customised Tarkan player at this year's CeBIT fair, Trekstor representative Önder Ünsal attributed the delay of an official unveiling to what he believed was a new album's release date being pushed to 2008.

Other items of interest in the old Avrupa report was news that Tarkan had bought property in London (although no mention was made as to where), he apparently doesn't use a mobile phone, and that his long-term girlfriend lawyer Bilge Öztürk was mentioned as his fiancée.

Tarkan Shows His Support

In Turkish newspaper Sabah's celebrity supplement Günaydın, Mustafa Deryahan reports that Tarkan will be making an appearance alongside Sezen Aksu at the première gala of the musical production That Woman, on the 13 December at İstinye Park Cinemas.

Headlined as the romantic movie of the year, the $2,000,000 film is a pastiche of nineteen Aksu works.

Tarkan usually gives his support by making rare appearances for one-time mentors or work colleagues, as this summer when in July he was a guest at the wedding of Mehmet Söğütoğlu's brother. Söğütoğlu is the owner of Istanbul Plak - the music label that discovered Tarkan.

Tarkan at weddingTarkan at wedding

Turkish celebrity news site had reported the event with photographs of Tarkan at his ex-producer's family wedding.

Tarkan Likes Luxury?

And finally, although Avrupa's September article claims that Tarkan "doesn't use a mobile phone", Turkish financial paper Referans has named Tarkan as one of the users of such an item: a luxury one manufactured by Vertu.

Vertu is a British-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones. The company is an independently run, wholly-owned subsidiary of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

The hand-made mobiles themselves are made from very expensive materials such as gold, sapphires (for the mobile screen), rubies (for the bearings) and fine leather.

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