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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things of Discovery Revisited

Select headlines from the news:
  1. The only surviving copy of a road map from the late Roman Empire is a parchment scroll, made in the Middle Ages, and one of the Austrian National Library's greatest treasures.
  2. There are three Romanian counties with a large ethnic Hungarian population, collectively known as the Szeklerland.
  3. The US-based Catholic League, which frequently runs boycott campaigns against art, bills itself as America's largest Catholic civil rights organization.
  4. When Queen Elizabeth II visited America 50 years ago there was segregation of blacks and whites, and native Americans could not participate in the event.
  5. A controversial £1bn pipeline project in Britain has resulted in two significant archaeological finds - a Roman road near Yscir, west of Brecon, and a possible Bronze Age canoe near Milford.
  6. Classic 18th century English radical, the great William Blake supposedly claimed to have seen an angel in a tree.
  7. Orpheus was the greatest poet and musician of Greek myth.
  8. While music scores enter the public domain in Canada 50 years after a composer's death, Europe's copyright term is 20 years longer.
  9. The annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award is given for the most awkward description of an intimate encounter in an otherwise well-written book.
  10. A dating service claims there are 99 distinct factors found in successful relationships.
  11. A dog underwent emergency surgery after swallowing his 40th pair of pants.
  12. The endangered red squirrel population of Wales is facing a new killer virus.
  13. The Orthodox Church of Cyprus has ordered priests to pray for rain to end one of the island's worst droughts.
  14. Some believe climate change a greater threat to the world than international terrorism.
  15. Spies are ordinary people.

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