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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tarkan Plays Across the Nation

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

PowerTurk's logoAs Turkish radios across the nation give Tarkan plenty of airplay today, Turkish music site PowerTurk has published the play list to Tarkan's 2007 musical offering. It also provides a sample of the locomotive track "Vay Anam Vay" on its page about the album.

In addition, shopping site EsenShop's order page provides 30 second samples of each track, with song times provided by album art pictures that have recently been uploaded. The new pictures indicate that the initial photo in circulation had been a promotional poster and not the cover itself - quashing rumours that the CD might be released in a DVD-type jewel case.

Although its order page holds a few errors in regard to album details, EsenShop had been the first shopping site to publish the poster, even before Tarkan's official site, which released a high resolution copy later the same day. Moreover, even though the album's details have been released today, the official site is still not fully active at time of writing.

The CD design has subtle differences, with the Braille characters appearing on the back cover. A scan of the new images show that a "mistake" in the Braille writing on the poster has been carried on to the album sleeve, which appears embossed on the back cover for the visually impaired to use.

Tarkan Deluxe received emails from six fans last week reporting that there was an error in the Braille characters on the promotional poster. Instead of spelling out T-A-R-K-A-N, the final letter is an F, spelling out the star's name as T-A-R-K-A-F instead.

Arguably, visually challenged Turks will know that it is meant to be Tarkan, and that one mistake doesn't detract from its well-intended purpose to make the album's art more widely accessible.

It's assumed that the error will be caught before any scheduled re-release or re-print which could make these first prints more valuable in the years ahead.

Plus, now, a few million Tarkan fans will have learnt about Braille, too.

TRT's New Year Celebrations: Broadcast Details

Promoted as a new year show that "will be completely different at TRT", the state TV company's official site has printed broadcasting information about the event.

Starting at five-past-eight in the evening (local Turkish time), the pre-recorded show will be aired on TRT's three main channels, TRT1, TRTINT and TRTTÜRK on 31 December. It is assumed that Tarkan's appearance will see out the year on the show, and will begin towards midnight (Turkish time).

Tarkan is scheduled to record his slot, where he will sing six songs including new tracks, on 28 December.

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