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Friday, December 07, 2007

Things of Ratio

Scientific evidence shows it's possible to die from a broken heartScientific evidence shows it's possible to die from a broken heart.
  1. The US National Board of Review of Motion Pictures (NBR) is the first leading awards body to hand out prizes of the movie awards season.
  2. Elephants can tell whether a human is a friend or foe by their scent and colour of clothing, according to some experts.
  3. A report says more than 10m female births may have been lost due to selective abortion over the past two decades in India. Getting rid of baby girls is a practice that is so widespread in some parts of India that it has dramatically skewed the ratio of males to females.
  4. Volcanoes were active on the Moon's surface soon after it was formed, a new study suggests.
  5. The effects of weightlessness on the immune system plays an important role in numerous diseases.
  6. A lack of physical activity may lead to depression and dementia.
  7. Going up and down in weight increases fat deposits in the abdomen area, which increases the risk of heart disease.
  8. Transplanting genetically engineered cells into the heart may reduce the risk of a fatal condition which occurs after heart attack.
  9. Fire-fighters helped operate on a man who was rushed to hospital after getting a metal ring stuck on his private parts.
  10. Hugging can heal.

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