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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Foreign Influence

American Persian radio station Radio Javan has been playing Tarkan's 2007 songs in daily rotation to high demand.

Radio JavanOn its website it states: Turkish mega super star, Tarkan, has released his new album titled Metamorfoz, which is his seventh studio album. Metamorfoz has ten new songs, most of which have been written by Tarkan himself as well as collaborations with composer Ozan Çolakoğlu. This is Tarkan's first Turkish album that follows his all-English début, last year's Come Closer.

Hit songs from the album include "Dilli Düdük", "Hop Hop", "Çat Kapi", "Dedikodu", and "Vay Anam Vay", which are now on rotation on Radio Javan.

The American Persian radio station first aired in October of 2004 with the help of a few people in the Atlanta and Washington D.C communities. On its website it states its goal as one "from the very beginning ... to be an excellent source of Persian music such that Persians all over the world can listen to their favorite songs 24/7".

Since then, Radio Javan has grown to be the largest provider of Persian music online.

Tarkan Interest Grabs Everyone

Sara Tavares in Istanbul 29 January for a concertMeanwhile, in Turkish paper Sabah today is the news story of an African artist from Lisbon who seems to follow Tarkan closely enough to criticise him.

Sara Tavares is reported to have said: "If he didn't sing like an Arab and act like an American, he could be a very good folk singer."

Preparing to give a concert on 29 January in Istanbul, it seems that Tavares has already worked out the way to get in the Turkish papers to publicise her concert - speaking the name of Tarkan is enough.

And the name of Tarkan is even on the lips of British ambassador Nick Baird, who in his congratulatory letter to Turkish paper Today's Zaman on the anniversary of their first year, the esteemed diplomat writes:

"...I find your paper invaluable for understanding Turkey -- not just the foreign and domestic politics, for which I hope I have some of my own sources and contacts, but also wider issues, such as energy, the environment and all the issues that matter to Turkish citizens in their daily lives. Where else would I learn about PETA protesting against Tarkan?"

It wouldn't be boasting to point out that the ambassador could have learnt it as his wife did, at Tarkan Deluxe, too.

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