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Friday, February 01, 2008

Oneness of Verse

our bodies were stretched out
in the oneness of this verse,
mind-chants call the spirit,
ghosts of touch still linger
on naked limits; cries that
wend toward song, a thick diction
of kisses that spoke in
delightful hisses, moving
a train of fingers along
to a final destination.

Dwelling in parallels,
tectonic plates of earth rubbing,
horizontal earthquakes; we left
no mild waves where we walked,
a seizing melody gathered in diverse
beauty, sweating tongues pointing
as the mind points to poetry,
your properties traversed
into me, we became one mind,
we turned the universe.

Spears of breath stabbing
our heaving sides, unable to hide
the shaking of our fragile cribs,
a deeper passion cradled us
in its red palm, merging on lips
of an infallible verse,
the past flowed behind,
the future waited
in the stillness to come
that always reimbursed in kind.

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