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Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Heart is Loud Above All Things

The candle of the infinite reverberates so white
sight cannot follow it; a flame that seems
to almost stand still,
lit to shine wide from the ledge
of a night's window sill,

a vast universe to encircle the faithful
in one beautiful lambent light,
a constant dawn's blaze,
a burning day's brightness
forever quenching dark legions
to some twilight stay between hope and reason.

Here no echo rings the same, a tenacious wind
comes alive in the trees, no silent
season even if the body stills,
or the mouth that quiets lips
should bury the words unsaid:
as though pressing seeds to a saturated bed

to grow in a beneath that still sees sun,
its flame reflected from fire pots
refuelled by love's mystic art,
driving the core to stretch up
through mortal eyes to see that
interior moves need no exterior wings,
for this living heart is loud above all things.

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