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Monday, March 31, 2008

Things in March [2]

More interesting news headlines in March:

MarchA digest of news headlines in March*
  1. Studies suggest the first stars took over half a billion years to light up the Universe, while scientists have measured the composition of oxygen at the birth of the Solar System.
  2. The space tourism market is booming, while the "big daddy" of space robots gives a helping hand at the International Space Station.
  3. Renowned science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote story-lines for the comic-book hero, Dan Dare.
  4. A 101-year-old man will run the London Marathon.
  5. A young girl worshipped in Nepal as a living goddess has retired early from this ritual status.
  6. Nauru, a Pacific island nation halfway between Australia and Hawaii, is a country you can bicycle around before breakfast.
  7. An Iranian court has ordered a man to give his wife the 124,000 roses that he promised in her dowry, after she filed a complaint to claim it.
  8. New research suggests that ants' colonies are actually hotbeds of devious, selfish and corrupt behaviour.
  9. Some of the vineyards around Italy's Cinque Terre are on hillsides so steep and so close to the sea, that the grapes have to be harvested by boat.
  10. Every day, over a million working parents use childminders and private nurseries in the UK.
  11. Two million e-mails are sent every minute in the UK.
  12. It is said that as US president Abraham Lincoln received between 250 and 500 letters a day from the public.
  13. British intelligence chiefs tried to guess Hitler's plans by studying his horoscope.
  14. Italy's highest appeal court, which is largely staffed by elderly male appeal judges, once gave a ruling, later rescinded after protests from women's groups, that a woman could not be raped by definition if she was wearing tight jeans, since the jeans could only be removed with her consent.
  15. A camera that can "see" explosives, drugs and weapons hidden under clothing from 25 metres and a tiny chemical "brain" which could one day act as a remote control for swarms of nano-machines have been invented.
  16. The Internet has become the new arena for advertisers.
  17. Experts suggest our level of happiness is strongly influenced by our genes, but we can still train ourselves to be content such as finding belief in God.
  18. Eating breakfast will help keep youngsters lean.
  19. The first excavation inside the ring at Stonehenge in more than four decades is set to start in England.
  20. Zombies can't run because their ankles would snap.

* (Pictures from left to right) 1. A study shows that men and women eat differently - men eat more meat but also more Brussels sprouts and broccoli than women; 2. A British study found in 82% of news stories featuring young people, they appeared either as the perpetrators or the victims of crime, usually involving violence; 3. Singapore Airlines is the first carrier to operate the new double-decker Airbus A380 super-jumbo on revenue-earning services; 4. 20th Century pop culture auction in Las Vegas showcasing a bejewelled, gold ram's head necklace that Elvis Presley owned and wore in the 1970s; 5. A Peru meteorite may change the science of space impacts; 6. Research suggests sleepwalking is linked to sleep deprivation.

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