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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Only Such Connections

- 1 -

dancing -
on your pretty mouth
neurons firing salvoes
in their bellies,

heads lost
in a persistent obsession,
reason and logic locked
in dizzying steps

under the slow rituals of hand,
robbing skin of air
passion lifts, restless,
the throat quickens its breath,

the beat in my fingers and
the pulse of your neck
is the same; hiding
under skin, it plays love's game,

in a riot of desires that
only such connections might tame.

- 2 -

nights are plucked
from the precious vine,
plush purple grapes,
a promise of essence-juice

that gives way under
teasing teeth,
opened pores tremble, dark blood
beats in a bodily design:

bathing in erotic seas,
lips flushed with thirst
swallowed in the flood,
muzzled with sensations

in unctuous flow
upon a moist and fertile land,
fields yield to water
and hungrily submerge,

a slave to soil and seedling,
watching life earnestly grow.

- 3 -

every muscle's fleck
keeps the ache
that pulls closer
the coming of the harvest,

grapes stick to tips,
they bleed, oh - how they
loosen their seed
spiked with fire

to your body; a diary
of scent, a bed
of blossoming stems
on which we'll lay:

a light that torches the mist,
springtime touches
a magnified earth in mime,
the season is well known, yet

nothing is clichéd when done
as though the first time.

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