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Monday, June 09, 2008

Secret of the Harem

Secret of the Harem

The couple bought a box
of Turkish Delight
from the noisy store
marked Harem's Palace,

a picture of a barely covered
naked woman stretched
out on a marble floor,
pliant under strong hands
in the act of rubbing,

glowing translucent on the cover,
rays of light
piercing the dome -
closeness and spirituality -

a portrayal of touch-flushed skin
yielding to water,
heat corporally igniting
on blue-veined marble
and muslin steam -

she indicated one corner
of the painted scenery
to her husband,
to a background

of towel-hugged heads,
of only partly dressed
thinly veiled girls,
forms of curvature emphasised
in oil and cream,

he smiled and
pointed at a hookah
smoking fragrantly
in slender hands,

candied fruits in crystal,
slices of a melon
drenched in grated ice,
a sensual tribute

to dust eternal, where
their dynasties
wash off in a bath,
no where more magical
than in this Turkish scene.

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