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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remember, My Muse

Ourania the Muse

remember? when our heavens that we looked upon
were small towns of stars, arias
and black holes larger than cities
nestled in a blue landscape,

rapturous escape full of sea-whispering hue,
and our eyes that looked upon the other
were reflective of the deities.
remember? those angels in disguise;

that would secretively light us the way
against the ominous darks,
erasing indigo-inked skies
and cloud-lined paths of rue.

remember? how we were all the first names,
and the last that spoke in cries
to fill all rooms, words that now fast
in deeper vacuums of neglect,

remember? say you remember, my muse,
the goddess of all that resurrects
the arcana of my earthly time
and the resonance of such rhyme:

you, my muse, my life's purpose, remember
how you gave meaning to so much
of my soul that there was no need
after you to go on at all.

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