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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Say Grace Before Dining

A Prayer to Come

come and take me,
come like the storm
that knows no asking,

come and shake me,
come share my reality
to give it true form,

come and fold into me,
come like the word
that brings divinity,

come bring me down,
down at my knees
with hands in prayer,

come give me courage,
which makes me dare all
in the sanctuary of your air.


Saying Grace

strolling your skin
like some tamed animal
sniffing out territory,

there, a patch of home,
spun of smell,
a spell of buxom,

compelling crevices
that twist the reality
of the eye and such,

that sees only you
in everything,
even my private reading -

there, each letter is you,
take the letter t,
to me it lines the curve of your thigh,

t is you sitting down,
arms outstretched
to welcome me,

the letter e
seems to me
like your smiling face,

or the perfect curved e
of your ear that shivers
for the warmth of my air,

while n is me,
bent low in your temple's space,
the altar of the lowest level on high,

n is love's cult of one
praying to the One,
giving thanks, lips saying grace.

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