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Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Sense of Inspirational Experience


Inspiration in us is neither
in our first lines nor our
second of experiencing;

it is in
the mental process
that links the sense
of the two:

like a poem alluding to
an instant of outward
experience darting inward,

as we record it
for our own bit
of prosperity,
a delicacy

daily digestible,
breaking with pedantry.


Whether a quick transition or
a long, slow vivid metaphor,
it's the ordinary version

in superimposition
with a more
mystical awe
of imprecision

that exemplifies the vision
of our wandering eyes
to dream of the skies,

it flies
set free
to conjure up beauty
in the bleakest sea,

to force the questionable,
and climb the highest tree.

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