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Friday, September 04, 2009

An Early Morning's Roam


It is early morning,

                  that perfect time
when the air feels as though its been
vacuum cleaned of yesterday's dirt,
and evil is slinking away
from the people it's hurt;
or passion is sleeping
having undone the night's ill,
the morning breaks; overflowing a window sill
filled with new possibilities
of a great day:

                  and a sun ray
tiptoes in to snuggle between us,
crawling along our walls, to come inside,
and I wake

                  to see you
beside me, as the sunlight makes
you glow bright with a golden sheen,
eyes closed, a hand under the pillow: you grow
in my longing for you --
the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.


It is early morning,

                  and your beauty makes me
think I'm still dreaming,
or that you're a memory
that comes to wake the mind
when all else is sleeping,
and so seems more real
than anything of its kind --
and looking at you I wish to be
the morning scent that clings to your skin,
or a sweat working from within:

                  and as though you've heard me,
you open your eyes suddenly,
and make me the memory
that wakes as all else sleeps,

                  out from the shore of our dreams
to skinny dip in the stream
of conciousness, we are the only real things
in this urgent sway, which comes now
to warm the spaces between us
like a summer storm
welcomes a new day.


It is early morning,

                  we feel the birth pangs
of the new; a rewilding of bodies
tamed by sleep, and hunger breaks through
its fast, the last strands that keep
us tied to a mast of dreams
torn by a stronger wind that shakes
our mind as trees
for its ripest fruit --
you fit in me like the suit of air I wear
from the outside to the in --

                  and as I celebrate your skin
as the only family I need to know
to learn how to love and grow,
it's my only world now

                  in which I walk to find
a seductive peace, thrust on a path
that joins two houses to become a home --
certain I know of no other trail
walked before that could have
brought me to this
early morning's roam.

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