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Friday, September 18, 2009

Things of Record

  1. The new world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen from Turkey, is also the first person in more than a decade to be more than 8ft in height.
  2. Warren Buffett, one of the richest people in the world, revealed he could have averted the global financial crisis if only he knew how to access his voicemail.
  3. Samuel Johnson, who wrote what is generally regarded as one of the most important works of scholarship in the English language "A Dictionary of the English Language" (1755), is said to have disliked the Scottish.
  4. There are so few redheads in Mexico that they often greet each other in the street.
  5. Everyone once used the left-hand side of the road.
  6. Married couples used to always sleep apart.
  7. The Queen Charlotte's Ball was a six-month season of parties and events to launch young British ladies, aged 17 to 18, of status on to the marriage market, now it's a charity event.
  8. The world's oldest circle of church bells is in Ipswich in the UK.
  9. There is no law against printing your own money in England as long as you don't pass it off as sterling.
  10. Criminal trials in Japan have a 99% conviction rate.

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