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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things of Peculiarity

  1. The UK had its first curry restaurant in 1809.
  2. Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK47 rifle, has been lauded by the Russian president for creating "the brand every Russian is proud of".
  3. A judge in the US banned car number plates with Christian imagery from being sold for violating the First Amendment, which enshrines the separation of church and state.
  4. A university in Brazil had expelled a female student for wearing a short dress, accusing her of constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs to attract attention.
  5. All British infrastructure, including bridges, is designed to at least withstand the kind of flooding that would happen on average once every 200 years, while the wettest inhabited place in England is the hamlet of Seathwaite.
  6. Hammerhead sharks can actually see rather well, and humans use their skin to "hear".
  7. Seemingly vegetative patients are asked to think of playing tennis while being scanned for evidence of consciousness.
  8. Google will only remove images from its image search facility if legally ordered to do so.
  9. The Great Wall of China was recently damaged by a gold mining firm.
  10. Christmas trees can be dangerous.

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