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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten Things of Usage

  1. The shop selling the largest number of ice-cream flavours in the world is in the Venezuelan city of Merida. It even has beef flavour.
  2. The French and German governments have warned web users against using Internet Explorer to protect security.
  3. Hillary Clinton prefers to be called Hillary Rodham Clinton, to emphasise her own family name as well as that of her husband and former American president, Bill.
  4. Research suggests that women who believe they are good looking are more likely to respond angrily in disputes than those who rated themselves as less attractive.
  5. The use of physical punishment against a child in schools is against the law of England and Wales.
  6. The decline in the world's biodiversity is approaching a point of no return.
  7. Bodies of people who died when healthy do not spread disease.
  8. By the mid 1980s there were around 7,500 HIV cases in Britain.
  9. Experts suggest that from a cancer prevention point of view it is best not to consume alcohol.
  10. Only about 20% of people in Finland smoke.

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