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Monday, February 15, 2010

Press Snippets: The Old and the New

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As the entire team at Tarkan Deluxe welcomes back its founder Ali Yildirim to blog duty, who is currently away in Istanbul on a Turkish classical music exploration for this year's Valentine's Day, at the News Section we bring our readers a summary of recent news reports to do with Turkish recording artist Tarkan.

Turkish Portal Rehashes Old News

News portal Haberturk has published an article that regurgitates previously reported speculative stories about Tarkan's new release set for spring this year - with the Turkish news site putting the month of release as May.

Even though the singer's producer came out last year to say that the artist is thinking of incorporating Turkish music motifs far less in his work, the news portal claims that Tarkan had been working on a Turkish classical revival album, which he has now given up to work on a pop record.

The news story published today claims Tarkan just recently decided against a classical album, preferring to work on a pop record instead by returning to collaborate with Sezen Aksu.

Sounding like a compilation of the speculations that began on the follow-up to 2007's Metamorfoz as far back as 2008, Tarkan had been quoted in celebrity reports as saying exactly this in May of last year, too.

Haberturk writes that Tarkan hasn't worked with Aksu since a dispute over the ownership of the hit track "Şımarık" (Ölürüm Sana, 1997), which led Tarkan to work with Nazan Öncel in 2001.

The writer of such Tarkan hits as "Dudu" and "Hüp", Öncel had replaced the creative absence of Aksu, when Aksu and Tarkan had professionally parted ways after the 1997 dispute.

The Haberturk report also includes other old news - about Tarkan including songs from female singer-songwriter Yıldız Tilbe and the 2009 rumour that Tarkan will be reciting from the work of late lyricist Aysel Gürel in the 2010 album.

News of Marriage for Tarkan-Ex

The celebrity gossip portals are writing about Tarkan's ex-girlfriend of over seven years, lady lawyer Bilge Öztürk - who amicably split with the singer in 2008 - getting serious in her new relationship with professional water sportsman Salih Alexander Çakır.

As some reports quote Tarkan's ex as commenting to reporters that she has no problems with the artist during a night out with her lover, others claim that she is getting ready to marry Çakır with the hope that Tarkan "finds what he is looking for", too.

In Other Reports

Tarkan is mentioned in a report by Hürriyet covering his father's homestead of İkizdere in Rize in the Turkish Black Sea region, which promotes its tourist areas, while Romanian news site HotNews has published an article that after years of Turkish music helmed by Tarkan grabbing their airwaves, Romanian artists are now conquering the Turkish charts.

Elsewhere, pianist and composer Fazıl Say has responded to allegations as to why he did not take part in Istanbul's 2010 inauguration as a European Capital of Culture by giving his own opinion on Tarkan's show in Taksim for the occasion.

Explaining his own reasons why he turned down the offered sum of €230,000, "the cost of Tarkan's concert was five million euros, and it was a concert that ended in a massive failure of organisation," he said.

And finally, Takvim has printed a report about a survey ran in the Turkish capital of Ankara for Valentine's Day asking girls aged between 13-23 who they considered their "love idol" to be.

The report writes that Tarkan came in third with just over 10% of those asked giving the singer's name.

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