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Monday, March 29, 2010

Tarkan Releases Press Statement

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportHaberShow has released what it says is a press release from Tarkan's lawyer, claiming that any reports about blood or urine samples taken from the singer are completely false (see left pic).

Although not posted up at any official channels, in the press statement published by HaberShow, lawyer Yunus Egemenoğlu acting on behalf of the singer writes that Tarkan was released by the public prosecutor on charges of drug smuggling and supplying, and that his file has been transferred to another court to see whether the singer could be charged with any other crimes.

Asking the Turkish press to respect the legal process during this time, as the parties waited for the due process of the law, he also asks that the press respect their own codes of conduct and not print articles based on fabrications.

An English translation of the press release is provided below:

In respect to our client Tarkan TEVETOĞLU, some media channels have carried a few groundless stories and claims in the form of "a report prepared by the Forensic Medicine Institute, which is said to have found drug and cocaine deposits in our client's blood and urine, thus proving him to be a drug addict".

Contrary to this published news,

Our client Tarkan TEVETOĞLU was not transferred by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, or the Police Department, or via any other institution to the Forensic Medicine Institute; nor was any blood or urine sample taken by the Forensic Medicine Institute, or any other hospital or health care facility for testing purposes and neither the Forensic Medicine Institute or any other institution has prepared a report as mentioned in the publications.

As you will know, our client was released by the Public Prosecutor's Office from belonging to an organised crime (gang) within the meaning of the law and without referral to the court having been deemed necessary, and due to a lack of jurisdiction over the subject matter the investigation brief has been sent to the Istanbul Court.

However, we ask you, our esteemed members of the press, to show the required sensitivity towards the previous confidentiality order given on the file which is still in progress, and while the publications printed are breaking the law in face of this suppression order we also ask you to desist in printing untruthful stories such as "a report having being prepared" for a blood and urine test, and


* Do not give credit to groundless stories by broadcasting them,
* Only print the truth in accordance with the Press Standards' code of conduct,
* Comply with the suppression order placed on the investigation as we have to do, and show the requisite sensitivity,

and do not depart from the tenements that everyone has the right to a defence and to be thought innocent until proven guilty, and abstain from such biased publications; we request and bring this to the public's attention,


Representing lawyer, Yunus EGEMENOĞLU

In Other Reports

Screencap of reportsMeanwhile, in other reports, as Star Gazete's claim of blood tests are being picked up by some media channels, other channels - like Turktime - have decided to go with the news that Tarkan denies the claims, by quoting his lawyer who said that there was no such report (see left pic).

On the singer's release at the start of March, Tarkan's file was transferred to another public prosecutor who will decide whether the singer has any other charges to answer, the article writes.

Turktime had previously been one of the most offending publishers of rumours after the anti-drug sting, printing an article that Tarkan's drug use had in fact been "an open secret" among narcotics police for many years.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

Elsewhere, media portal Haberturk has decided to run an article on the love rumours between Tarkan and Nil Özalp, who has recently released her first solo album (see left pic).

Quoting Özalp without giving any source, the article claims that she had said "she couldn't quite believe it" when Tarkan had decided to help her out during the production of her album, and that she preferred to keep quiet about the love rumours now.

"I don't want to talk about that subject. Tarkan can if he wants to. But we're going to stay quiet on the subject. I wasn't expecting love rumours right now. Especially not the week of my album's release. I didn't want to be a woman who gets romantically linked with Tarkan on the eve of her album's release," she is quoted as saying.

Turkish paper newspaper Akşam in an interview with Özalp had cited her as refusing to openly deny recent rumours that she and Tarkan are an item.

And finally, Lilian Brunell from Sweden blogging for the Eurovision Song Contest's gossip portal, Oikotimes, writes about Turkish diva Sezen Aksu's recent concert in Stockholm (see left pic).

Calling Aksu a megastar - a term usually reserved for her most famous Protégé Tarkan - Brunell raved about Aksu's performance.

"The popularity of Sezen is indisputable. She has influenced a lot of other Turkish artists and is regular composing for others [sic]. Tarkan and Sertab, to mention a few. Her music has an impact on the Turkish population all over the world," she writes.

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