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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ten Things of Mix

  1. Soldiers in Afghanistan use concrete mixers to wash their clothes.
  2. Germans call chickenpox windpox, due to the speed with which it spreads, while Canadian territory Yukon's biggest tourist market after the US is Germany.
  3. A treemap is a way of analysing large amounts of data in a small space.
  4. Neuroscientists say that the brain can determine optimal ways to solve disputes, no matter their type, although they can't say it is strictly for peace negotiation.
  5. One in 20 of the 1,000 pupils polled thought Star Wars character Luke Skywalker had been the first to set foot on the Moon, a British survey of children's science knowledge suggests.
  6. The first UK parking meter was installed in London in 1958.
  7. Wolves are generally very timid around humans.
  8. Tudor seafarers did not allow cats on board ship as they were thought to bring bad luck.
  9. Some chickens are half-male and half-female.
  10. A parrot can be repossessed.

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