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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ten Things of Title

  1. South Africa is remembering the 50th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre for Human Rights Day, where sixty-nine black South Africans were shot down by police officers in 1960.
  2. For almost 30 years, the Virgin Mary has been said to appear daily in the Bosnian town of Medjugorje.
  3. One of Britain's top session singers has died at the age of 66, but most residents on the isle of Mull where she lived were unaware of her musical past.
  4. Dolphins can swim up to 50 miles a day.
  5. The flat-headed cat has webbed feet.
  6. Fried tarantula tastes like liver.
  7. A "labile" vitamin means it is easily destroyed.
  8. Plastic surgeons in the US are doing lip grafts using muscle from the neck to make lips fuller.
  9. The Achilles tendon usually breaks with a loud snap.
  10. The mafia use Facebook.

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