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Friday, April 02, 2010

Press Snippets: Different Takes on Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsA summary of reports in the Turkish press covering Tarkan sees some reports taking a different spin on current news events surrounding the singer, while also featuring in female columnist articles and being linked romantically with newcomer singer Nil Özalp again (see left pic).

No Comment on Love Rumours

Continuing with the love gossip surrounding Tarkan and Özalp, Magazinci has printed an article about singer Özalp's interview on Turkish radio station Klas under the headline "Is the Nil-Tarkan Love for Promotion?"

When asked whether she was uncomfortable with her name being linked with Tarkan's, she said that she had been "honoured, it was being made news because of love rumours that made me uncomfortable. People would think I was doing it for promotion, and that upset me."

However, the article writes that when she was asked whether the rumours were false, she wouldn't comment.

Two Different Takes

Elsewhere, two Turkish portals have taken two different spins on current news involving Tarkan, namely Mediacat's news of a survey that suggests public trust in Tarkan has risen and soft drink giant Pepsi "dropping" Tarkan from a planned million dollar campaign after a raid on the singer's home and his arrest during an anti-drug sting.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

In the wake of an article in newspaper Taraf criticising Pepsi for joining the ranks of the media that have convicted Tarkan without a fair hearing, taking the opposite stance, women's portal Kadin Haberleri has decided to thank Pepsi for dropping Tarkan from a planned million dollar campaign - stating that it had made the right decision as Tarkan had disappointed the public when news of his arrest broke.

And while the results polled in by global market research company Ipsos KMG in conjunction with MediaCat have been reported a 1% rise in the trustworthiness of Tarkan's celebrity endorsements, TV news portal Televizyon Gazetesi has decided to run the news of the poll results as damaging Tarkan's reputation, focusing on the singer's slide two places in the list to number twenty.

"TRT Didn't Start With Tarkan"

An interview with the man coordinating Turkish public broadcaster TRT's new Arabic station TRT 7, which mentions Tarkan, has been published by a celebrity portal.

Touching on previous reports that TRT 7 had been opened by broadcasting the video single to Tarkan's rendition of Turkish folk song "Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayım" (Dudu/2003), the coordinator corrects the news that the channel began life with Tarkan - which has yet to officially open.

"Our test on air began with the Turkish national anthem, not Tarkan. Some of our press colleagues saw Tarkan on air and decided to lead with that as news. We didn't choose singers depending on their person ... We have singers known in Arab countries, and some we don't, we wanted to present a mix of singers," he is quoted as saying.

In response to the "drug issue" and whether it was right to currently show Tarkan as an example of Turkish music, "We don't discriminate and don't choose between our artists. All our artists will get airtime on our channel," came the reply.

Female Columnists Talk Tarkan

Meanwhile, as İdil Çeliker writing for Güneş bemoans the state of Turkish reality TV getting worse, wondering why people had criticised Tarkan for ten years about his "pee gaffe", and Hürriyet correspondent Ömür Gedik mentions Tarkan again for his works with animal rights - in an article where she applauds animal loving Turkish celebrities and vows to do more to raise awareness of the plight of animals in Turkey - Dilek Önder writing for Vatan has dropped his name in a saucy piece about sex.

"[During sex] men just think about coming to orgasm, but women's minds can wander (it especially fantasises). Don't say what woman would do that during sex (and I don't mean fantasies about finding yourself stranded on an island with Tarkan!)" she writes.

And Finally...

German site Regionmusik has published a resume on a group called Orientation claiming to be the proponent of a new genre - "Nu Oriental".

The five musicians from Berlin fuse the the Orient and Occident together with soul and Turkish music, and have "appeared with Turkish superstar Tarkan on his tour of Germany", Regionmusik writes.

And as Samanyolu prints that an email with 60 thousand signatures has been sent to the Turkish prime minister in regards to the Tarkan-supported nature campaign in southeastern Turkey, Milliyet's variety supplement Cadde has published an article about Turkish artists and their side ventures from weekly celebrity magazine Hafta Sonu.

Tarkan is mentioned indirectly with Turkish singer/songwriter Serdar Ortaç, who it is claimed as bought a spare parts workshop after starting his working life following his father's occupation as a skilled lathe operator.

The magazine makes a dig at the media generated rivalry between them, writing that with this venture Ortaç is saying, "if Tarkan is Turkey's megastar then I'm a lathe operator!"

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