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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Press Snippets: Reports in Brief Extra

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

An Example of Loyalty

Screencap of reportThe press writes that Tarkan did not forget one of the most senior journalists in Turkey recently, when the singer went to visit the reporter in hospital after a serious operation.

Publishing a photograph of the visit, reports from Medya Radar and Yeni Şafak write that Tarkan took time out to visit journalist Yalçın Özmen in hospital, taking photographs with the hospital workers and the recovering press reporter.

Tarkan Out and About

Paper Sabah reports that Tarkan has been spotted out and about in Istanbul, after having shut himself away for his latest 2010 album.

The 18 July dated article writes that "the other evening Tarkan met up with business associates at the Les Ottomans Hotel's bistro Fun Fatale. Remaining for 3.5 hours, the famous singer drank a few cups of Turkish coffee. The megastar merely waved to reporters as he left."

Media portal Haberturk's variety section HTMagazin also ran a story on Tarkan's visit to the luxury hotel's bistro, which writes that Tarkan held a meeting with his manager and a businessman, while headlining that the singer had postponed his 2010 summer album for a short while again.

In Celebrity Reports

Screencap of reportsThree recent reports in celebrity portal Ayaklı Gazete mention Tarkan, with the first being the portal's own spin on the Sabah report that the singer was at a meeting at the Les Ottomans Hotel recently.

The report writes that Tarkan was seen using various methods to obstruct the paparazzi from taking pictures when returning home from the Les Ottomans, claiming that the singer had fixed a steam machine into his car to steam up the windows to avoid being photographed.

Another report from the celebrity portal writes about Tarkan's pop protégé Emir - who was snapped by Tarkan's music label HITT after their mutual friend and producer Ozan Çolakoğlu brought them together - talking about Tarkan's scheduled 2010 album.

Although the report mistakenly refers to Emir as an ex-backing singer for Tarkan, it quotes the latest addition to the region's pop music as saying that Tarkan's album "is really beautiful, I can't wait for its release."

Emir also reportedly talks about the working relationship between Çolakoğlu and Tarkan, saying that "I've been able to witness their working together. I listen, and I make comments as a good listener. They work to the best of their abilities. They know their work. When I watch them there's many things I envy.

"I envy Tarkan's hard-working nature. He sings so beautifully, how can you not envy that? Everyone is jealous of the way he sings anyway. When I'm next to them I learn a lot, even by just sitting and listening," Emir is quoted as saying.

And the third report is about claims that the singer will be appearing at a festival to be hosted at his father's homestead of İkizdere, a town and district of the Rize Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

The report mistakenly writes that it is the region where German-born Tarkan hails from, when in fact it is the singer's father's birthplace.

The 15th Ovit Yaylası Şenlikleri (Mountain Pastures Festivities) is set to be held between the dates of 6-8 August.

UPDATE: Tarkan at Ovit festival >>

In Other Reports

Regional paper Yeni Asır has published an article that lists the top earning artists from performance rights and royalties - seeing Sezen Aksu top the list - while Tarkan doesn't even make the top ten with his own copyrighted songs, the paper reveals.

Meanwhile, on a discussion of Turkish paparazzi and how they manage to "catch out" celebrities, one article writes that they know all the intimate details of the famous - and if they were all set an exam on Tarkan's car registration number, colour and vehicle model they would pass with flying colours.

Moving on, in a report by Sabah about the 11th High Criminal Court in Istanbul, it also lists that one of the cases it saw recently was the drug indictment involving Tarkan, where the court had ruled that it was out of their jurisdiction for a hearing.

And finally, the military conscription issue pops up again with a mention of Tarkan when a columnist asks why the government is so slow to bring out a shortened term for the public, when Tarkan was able to benefit from such a law in 2000.

"Aren't we worth as much as Tarkan in this country?" the columnist asks.

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