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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tarkan Visits Nature School

Turkish music artist Tarkan has become the latest visitor to the peaceful coastal town of Seferihisar, a place that has managed to protect and preserve its natural beauty in the Turkish province of Izmir.

The singer stopped over at Seferihisar to take a look at the site of the new nature academy being built with his support, newspaper Akşam writes (pictured left).

Taken from the Doğan News Agency wire, the newspaper's online incarnation has published the singer's recent visit to meet with the building crew of the school, co-founded by Turkish nature society Doğa Derneği and town officials.

The article goes on to write that the school buildings are being authentically restored in keeping with the traditional architecture of the region. The nature school is planning to begin research work in June, and open its doors to students in 2014.

On 5 June, Tarkan is giving a charity concert where all proceeds will go to the funding of the school, and he reminded his fans about the coming concert while taking time out in Seferihisar. The press release carries a quote from Tarkan during his brief trip to the town expressing the singer's happiness at being part of the project.

I was so excited when I went to visit the world's first school of nature at Seferihisar. With restoration works nearly complete, the Seferihisar Nature School will open very soon. It will cover a lot of areas, from the philosophy of nature, to architecture, traditional farming to the culture of nature, right down to folk tales and toys. The Nature School will at the same time be researching new arts. I am happy to be counted amongst the founding members of this school. Let's all meet at my 'Nature is You!' concert in Izmir on 5 June for the Seferihisar Nature School."

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Tarkan gives concert on 5 June 2013 for Turkish nature society Doga's school project in the Turkish province of Izmir
Proceeds from Tarkan's concert will go to the school project.

Tarkan visits Turkish nature society Doga's school project at Seferihisar in the Turkish province of Izmir
Photos by Meryem Demircan © 2013

Tarkan visits Turkish nature society Doga's school project at Seferihisar in the Turkish province of Izmir
More photos of visit on Tarkan's Facebook page.

Tarkan visits Turkish nature society Doga's school project at Seferihisar in the Turkish province of Izmir
Tarkan at the school project's site at Seferihisar.

The popular music artist had first visited Seferihisar on 21 September, in 2012, in which he had taken the decision to give his backing to the school. He had shared the visit with his Facebook followers by posting photographs of the visit along with a note explaining:

It's as if I have seen the future of Turkey at Seferihisar. I wish the whole world would be as protective of its environment and culture as Seferihisar, if only the standard of living was as high as this everywhere... The ongoing peaceful life enjoyed by Seferihisar and its surrounding villages for thousands of years, I believe, is valuable to the entire world, and the continuance of this way of life fills me with hope. Starting with the Nature School, from now on I will be supporting the joint projects run by Doğa Derneği and the Municipality of Seferihisar."

The 2012 visit was also posted up at the official website run by the town's mayoral offices, with the mayor of Seferihisar mentioning how the star's "great energy and light" affected all who came in contact with him, whilst thanking the artist for helping to raise awareness about their goals for a better future.

Now Tarkan has made good on that promise to back Seferihisar's ambitious school project by taking to the stage as part of the 10th year celebrations of Doğa - a nature society he has been closely associated with for the past seven years.

Tarkan's dream of an "eco-utopia"

Nature is a subject close to Tarkan's heart, and he is often seen promoting green issues on his Facebook page during his sell-out tours. The singer has been a keen activist on green issues since the early nineties.

More recently on a green theme, he collaborated on the soundtrack to the Turkish film "Entelköy Efeköy'e Karsi" (known by its international title "Ecotopia"), which follows the adventures of a group of environmental intellectuals who abandon the big city and return to nature.

For "Ecotopia", Tarkan sang a cover version of Turkish minstrel and folk laureate Âşık Veysel Şatıroğlu's "Benim Sadık Yârim Kara Topraktır" known by its shortened version of "Kara Toprak". The pop songster filmed visuals to accompany the track to raise public interest in the production, and posted the video to the Turkish folk song on his Facebook page on 3 January in 2012.

A literal translation of the popular folk ballad's title is "My Faithful Lover is Black Dirt", but it is often translated as "Mother Earth" or "Black Earth". The word "kara" is interchangeable as both "black" or "dark" and as "earth" or "dirt", in a poetical narrative that talks of the earthy soil as humanity's one and true faithful love, hence the conversion of the title into English sometimes as "Mother Earth".

This is not the pop icon's first attempt at a folk track. Another folk song by Âşık Veysel, "Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayım", was immortalised by Tarkan for his fans on his 2003 EP, Dudu.

As fans today prepare for his nature concert, it looks like Tarkan will be continuing his environmental campaigns for some time to come.

Those wishing to support the project can purchase tickets to Tarkan's 5 June concert at Biletix while stocks last.

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