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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tarkan in False Stalking Report

A 36-year-old American woman was arrested Thursday after telling Washington Parish Sheriff’s deputies she was being stalked, claiming Turkish singer Tarkan was the culprit.

Miranda Miley, 36, of Louisiana Highway 424, told investigators a man named Cortland "Kory" Runfalo was stalking her. But when investigators took a closer look they discovered Miley’s claims were false, and instead of being the victim she was charged with filing or maintaining false public records and criminal mischief by improper use of 911.

Investigators said Miley provided them with a picture of Kory Runfalo as well as his cell number. They determined the cell number was assigned to a track telephone that belonged to Miley, and the photograph of Runfalo was actually an internet image of the Turkish entertainer Tarkan.

As Miley’s story continued to fall apart she was confronted with the evidence investigators had collected. They said she finally admitted that she had staged the entire incident, there was no stalker and she made up the entire story because she was having personal problems.

Some American news wires that picked up the strange story described Tarkan as a "Russian entertainer".

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