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Friday, July 26, 2013

Ten Things on Gezi Park: Did You Know...?

Gezi protesters marry
Gezi protesters get married and celebrate at the park on 20 July 2013/Ozan Köse
  1. The court annulment of the redevelopment of Gezi Park has been overturned on appeal in favour of the government...
  2. ...but an administrative court - a special court concerning disputes over the exercise of public power - has already cancelled the plan to redevelop the park. This makes the appeal decision invalid.
  3. Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is planning to visit Gezi Park.
  4. The Turkish teenager near-fatally wounded in the protests has finally woken up after two weeks in a coma.
  5. Despite the protests, the number of tourists coming to Istanbul is on the rise.
  6. Hollywood actors Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon have likened Erdoğan to Hitler over his tough stance with the Gezi Park protesters.
  7. The Turkish government have hit back saying, "Those who do not publish anything in regards to Egypt or do not want to see the excessive use of police force in Britain in recent times do not have any credibility." (Read more.)
  8. Istanbul's public prosecutor has said that a total of 715 people were detained over the course of the Gezi Park protests. Only 41 were arrested, and of them, 31 remain in jail.
  9. In a newspaper interview, the daughter of the second president of the Turkish Republic said that the Gezi Park protests were proof the nation's democracy was in safe hands, because it showed well informed young people were willing to lead the way in the country.
  10. Two protesters who met at the Gezi Park protests got married on 20 July vowing to "chapul until death do us part". The police agreed to let the group enter the park for a short amount of time to take pictures - but only after first firing water cannons to a crowd that had been called to gather at the wedding party.

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