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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ten Things on Tarkan: Did You Know...?

What do Tarkan, Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Lauren all have in common?

For the hardcore Tarkan fan, finding out new things about the artist while waiting for a new album to emerge will seem a bit old hat. They will have read everything, and heard everything, and seen everything all before.

On that basis, for a bit of fun, I decided to collect together some interesting mentions about the singer for his fans. They will have heard of some - but not all - of the items, and probably not seen most of the sources as they are original scans.

Therefore, collected for your convenience and presented below, are snippets from English music articles, brochures and news reports that reveal ten things of interest about Turkish pop icon Tarkan.

Congratulations if you know all ten items, you are possibly the most diehard Tarkan fan out there.

  1. Tarkan's 1994 album A-acayipsin sold nearly half a million copies (450,000) just 10 days after its release.
  2. Tarkan's 1997 album Ölürüm Sana was the first ever Turkish album to exceed pre-order sales of over a million units.
  3. Tarkan was one of the first Turkish artists to introduce Turkish music to Western Europe as a niche market, but found wider fame in 1998 by pure chance. The head guy at music label PolyGram happened to hear Tarkan after a tourist friend returned home with the singer's CD as a holiday souvenir.
  4. Ralph Lauren, Jennifer Lopez and Tarkan studied at the Baruch College in New York, but none of them graduated.
  5. In 2001, when Tarkan passionately kissed a model for a music video, almost 100 people complained that it was "pornography".
  6. Sertab Erener's Eurovision-winning song was produced by Tarkan's long-term producer Ozan Çolakoğlu.
  7. Tarkan's eponymous album holds the first world-music single to break big in the US Latin market in a language other than Spanish.
  8. Mexican singer and actress Paulina Rubio and Tarkan were once close, and had planned to record a song together.
  9. On the back of his popularity in Mexico, Tarkan's Latin success also made him the first artist to land in the top four of Billboard's world music chart generated solely on sales in the US Latin pop market.
  10. This achievement was described as "historic" by the Los Angeles Times, because it had the potential to inspire Spanish-language artists to do the same.

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