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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When Will We Learn?

Syrian chemical warfare

when will we learn to love in a way that changes things?
to dance to the music it sings,

and to question every dark shadow
that wants to silence you
when all you want to do is ask it why? -- and learn that every child
is as your own -- to not let them die
before they see the joy
of their own children grown; that we are all
infinite diamonds shining
the many-sides of humanity, all struggling
to hide the flaws inside;
and in that we are the same, you and I,

you are my child,
though I will never see you
and you will never know me,
for I am your child, too,
part of one maybe, but part of these few atoms
that burn with their own fire we do not see --
and I want you to know
that I don't want you
to pick up that gun, or stone,
but pick up those that have fallen
and need to see your courage
to shine in their own,

and don't hate even when they hurt you,
forgive your children
or else how will these flowers grow? --
           even if they don't love you,
give them your love
to let them know
you are their child, too; else when will we learn
          to be our own hero
and save the lives
of everyone we know
with a kind word or two?
         and teach every son to be a father
to his friends, and let every daughter
be the mother of her world,
or be of every colour you are born,
that shines with the light in the sky;

when will we learn
that when we are the wings of another
it is we who learns to fly?

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