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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Have Won

though you may take
and steal from me,
it is I who benefit;
for you cannot break
         what the eye cannot see,
nor am I dependant
on the stories you try
         to write of me;

my words are my spirit;

which is stronger than
any limited capacity
         you try to force on me;

what beats in this heart
is a mystic ancestry, come so far
your blindness fails to see
that through these veins
your blood flows, too;

and what you steal
you lose;

for when lives no longer depend upon
truths we claim to know
that twist in our interpretation,
I have won;

when understanding
becomes a compulsion
to break every assumption,
I have won;

when violence fades with the night,
sacrificed for the silence
of the rising of the Sun,
I have won.

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