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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Married Chemistry

I give my all to your hands;
emblazoned by your skin's luminosity,
and the way your body speaks to me
with nature's synchronicity,

souls on heat, mind to mind
and beat to beat,
how in my heart I find
you rest in me;

       and how as I write this
       you'll fall asleep beside me,
       echoing in my body
       with our married chemistry;

now with your hands next to mine,
and my head in your lap
left breathless by your ability
to test sleepless
where the best of me grows,

now where I find myself
beneath rose-stained shadows,
and your scented beauty
to bring a little death
to all worldly woes,

now where loving you
is a mirrored moment
where everything slows,
and where I'd risk my life
for one more second again;

       and I wonder how you remain
       as deep in mind as you do
       in the hungry rhyme
       of our body's harmony,

when burnt out in the fire of time,
we'll hold each other tightly
listening to our hearts
making love in the mind,

until sleep takes me from my core,
and these words share me
with the residual beat of memory
to be in you once more.

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