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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Tarkan Stands Up for Women

Turkish music artist Tarkan has posted a message on his Facebook page today to explain why International Women's Day on March 8 is not a day to mark with celebrations, but a day for mourning.

In a similar post to last year, the singer stands up for the cause of women's rights this year with a post titled in capital letters, "VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN CAN ONLY BE STOPPED BY CHANGING THE WAY WE THINK".

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He says:

One out of every three women in Turkey is subjected to physical violence by men.

According to official figures, the number of women murdered in the last 10 years has seen an increase by 1400 percent.

Just last year the number of women murdered in Turkey was 842... While the number of women subjected to violence by men was 28,000... In the face of such suffering, the cries for help of 70 percent of women who requested protection from the state, and the hundreds of thousands of women afraid to make themselves heard, go unanswered. Women, falling victim to their hopelessness, continue to suffer violence and are killed.

Against the backdrop of this shameful picture, I believe we must all do what we can for women, but I also know our individual efforts won't be enough. The anguish of women will diminish with the passing and implementation of new laws to protect them and their rights, by crimes not left unpunished, by educating the public and specially by changing a male dominant mindset, by the equal representation of women in many areas, to have the equal rights and economic freedom of men.

As the greatest shame of our country, this problem needs to be solved urgently and the ordeal of women must come to an end...

I've said this before and I will continue to speak out...

Not only will I speak out, I will stand alongside and continue the struggle with them until new laws are passed for the protection of women...

For until the tragic story of women in these lands comes to an end, March 8 will continue to be a day filled with suffering, a day we do not celebrate but mourn."

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