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Friday, May 09, 2014

Tarkan to Make His Fans Jump?

Talented Turkish producer İskender Paydaş has tweeted on his Twitter account that his celebrity compilation of sizzling summer hits are at completion stage.*

Posting a picture of his timesheet today, Paydaş also revealed that Tarkan shares his production stage with popular female artists such as Nazan Öncel, Şebnem Ferah and Sıla Gençoğlu.

UPDATE: Tarkan on set for new video to Paydaş track >>

The timetable holds the potential song tracks, with Tarkan's song being "Hop De", raising interest over the title of the lyrics. The connotations carried by the Turkish word "hop" changes according to context. It could be used as an exclamation to tell someone to jump up, or to slow down.

*UPDATES: Record producer Samsun Demir tweeted on 24 May that Tarkan's song for Paydaş was slated to be release in June, and then about a month later on 21 June in response to a follower, he tweeted the song's release had been postponed until July. On 7 July, Paydaş tweeted that the track was on its way, while four days later on 11 July, Tarkan posted on his Instagram account from the set of the song's video pre-release. This was followed by Paydaş tweeting on 29 July that the album and music video were ready, but due to some final tweaking between "the two perfectionists" there would be a slight delay to the release dates.

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