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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tarkan Equals Turkish Quality

A press release distributed by Digital Journal confirms the belief of every die-hard fan of iconic pop star Tarkan: Turkish people believe when it comes to Turkish music Tarkan is the best quality there is.

When over a thousand Turkish citizens were asked what they would buy and what they would use if money was no problem at all in the purchase, and if they were only and exclusively to pay attention to quality when deciding on the purchase and in consumption, Tarkan was voted as the Turkish singer who denoted the best quality.

Results from a Swiss research survey has revealed that if an average Turkish citizen had an unlimited amount of money at their disposal and made decisions exclusively based on quality when buying, he or she would drive a BMW, attend concerts by Metallica, maNga or Tarkan and would most like to watch football matches with FC Barcelona. In the category of the best quality musical performer or singer in the world, the first place went to Rihanna.

The results of the online survey, picked up by the Turkish press, was gathered in Zurich with 1,200 Internet users from Turkey aged 15 years or over. With the first processed results of this complex research now made available for analysis, it encompasses more than a hundred commercial and non-commercial categories, such as best quality football team, best quality car, and best quality domestic singer.

The aim of the research is said to make quality and the importance of quality more popular. In its press statement, the Zurich-based research team emphasise that consumers are fully entitled to live better and demand better quality for their money.

The right to quality and a better quality of life is particularly important nowadays, when the economic environment is extremely demanding, they say.

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