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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten Things of Romp and Circumstance

An elk on the run in Helsinki/Sakarias Laukkanen
  1. An elk has shocked commuters in the Finnish capital of Helsinki by romping through the streets during rush hour.
  2. Some elderly women are turning to prostitution in South Korea's Seoul because they can't be sure that their children will look after them in their old age.
  3. Police in the Iranian capital of Tehran have banned cafes and restaurants from screening the Fifa World Cup games two days before the tournament was due to start.
  4. Women across Iran are posting photos of themselves without the hijab to a dedicated Facebook page called "My Stealthy Freedom".
  5. The town of Hanford, Washington, is the most contaminated nuclear waste site in the US.
  6. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's most recent figures, African-American babies are breastfed at a lower rate than white babies.
  7. Unlike in India where lightening creams are very common, in Kenya, skin lightening is generally done in small backstreet venues.
  8. Metal studs are placed on floors outside luxury flats in London to stop the homeless from sleeping there.
  9. Victorian writer Charles Dickens died exactly five years to the day the train he'd been riding in with his mistress and his mistress' mother had derailed, killing ten people and injuring dozens. (Read more)
  10. Comedian Rik Mayall, who died this month, once told the Guardian that his interaction with his audience was "very sexual - you mass them together and sense what they want and give it to them just before they ask for it".

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