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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Royal Couple of Royalties

The Turkish edition of the Wall Street Journal has published a 28 March article with stats showing Turkish pop royalty Sezen Aksu and Tarkan as the highest earners of music royalties in 2013.

Provided by the Musical Work Owners' Society of Turkey (MSG/MESAM) the figures show Aksu as the highest paid artist for royalties. Tarkan is listed as second highest earner for last year, rising two places from fourth position in 2012.

Describing Tarkan as one of their most esteemed members, MSG tweeted a press statement earlier this June from its official Twitter account to deny allegations in the gossip press that Tarkan's production company HITT owed their association any profits from live performances of songs by other artists.

Bumper Rise in Royalties

As four major associations in the Turkish music industry join forces for stronger protection of artists' rights last month, the Wall Street Journal also writes that royalty payments are up by 50% in the last two years, with the Turkish music industry adapting to digital growth by signing agreements with international providers such as i-Tunes, Spotify, and Deezer.

The article also points to concerns over proposals to ban YouTube in Turkey, which would mean loss of royalty revenue for artists in the country.

Just a few weeks ago saw major Turkish music association MÜ-YAP shut down its official music channel on YouTube, due to disagreements over the distribution of advertising revenue with the Google video site - in one of the first decisions taken by a unified Turkish music industry.

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