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Friday, July 04, 2014

Putting Popstars on the Table

Tarkan has been taking his usual place amongst entertainment news wires in Turkey, this time over discussions about ageing popstars.

Entertainment pundits have been pondering why so few young popstars are emerging, with the Turkish pop industry making do with its ageing singers hailing from the golden age of Turkish pop in the nineties.

Laying Turkish pop "out on the table", the consensus seems to be there simply isn't the talent there was when Tarkan came on the scene, while others believe what is lacking is strong production values and a good song to endear new artists to the public.

Meanwhile, once a girlfriend of Tarkan, always a girlfriend of Tarkan - at least according to the Turkish press.

Entertainment reports write that the 51st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is being organised by old flame Elif Dağdeviren this year.

Although Dağdeviren has pursued a successful change in careers from media into film and TV production, part of her resume in the press still includes being known as one-time girlfriend of the iconic pop star.

Tarkan reportedly wrote "Inci Tanem" (Ölürüm Sana, 1997) for Dağdeviren.

Sticking with rumours, it's also said that Tarkan is being paid nearly quarter of a million dollars (500,000 TL) to appear at the 40th anniversary of a summer music festival in Monte Carlo this August.

Stories have circulated that the Prince of Monaco is a fan of the iconic pop singer, and that Tarkan was invited to close the festival by royal request.

And finally moving from the table to the bedroom, the Turkish edition of lifestyle magazine for men, Esquire has mentioned Tarkan in a published playlist of songs for "every emergency".

When in need of a musical aphrodisiac, for those sexier moments in our lives, the magazine suggests Tarkan's "Seviş Benimle" (Make Love to Me) from his 1994 album A-acayipsin.

"Classical music isn't appropriate at times like these," the article writes.

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