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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten Things of Degree and Sympathy

Argentina trailed for only seven minutes at the 2014 World Cup/PA
  1. Although Germany deservedly beat Argentina in the 2014 World Cup to achieve their first win since reunification in 1990, during the global sporting event Argentina's star player Lionel Messi was awarded the World Cup Golden Ball, presented to the best player at each of the FIFA World Cup finals.
  2. A British company has produced a "strange, alien" material so black that the human eye cannot understand what it is seeing. Shapes and contours are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent abyss.
  3. In one of the greatest unsolved wildlife mysteries of recent years, house sparrows have gone from London almost completely.
  4. Women bishops could be appointed by the end of this year in the Church of England after legislation backing the move was give final approval by the General Synod. Speaking in the debate, the Archbishop of Canterbury assured traditionalists that they sought the flourishing in the Church of all those who disagreed. "You don't chuck out family or even make it difficult for them to be at home, you love them and seek their well-being even when you disagree," he said.
  5. President Barack Obama shared a fist bump with a Texas restaurant employee who urged him to do more to promote gay rights in the United States.
  6. The BBC has been accused of producing "the saddest list in music history" after its black and urban music radio station 1Xtra produced a "power list" in which three out of the top four acts are white.
  7. A popular Chinese news anchor has been detained by Chinese authorities just hours before he was expected to front his nightly news show.
  8. An image that appears to show a group of Israelis on a hilltop cheering and applauding as they watch the deadly aerial bombardment of Gaza has caused international outrage after it was shared by thousands on Twitter. Meanwhile, Israeli Parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked, who represents the far-right Jewish Home party, is being condemned for the genocidal rhetoric she has shared on her Facebook page, apparently applauding the deaths of hundreds of innocent Palestinian women and children. (Read more)
  9. In some areas of the Middle East, being a Shia Muslim is akin to being a Jew in Nazi Germany, while in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo there is an all-female fighting unit of the Free Syrian Army. (Read more)
  10. Scientists are investigating what may be the oldest identified race war 13,000 years after it raged on the fringes of the Sahara.

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