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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ten Things of Fem and Malls

The first adventures for the new female Thor are due to begin in October/AP
  1. Marvel Comics has unveiled big changes for its hammer-wielding Norse superhero Thor - the character will become a woman.
  2. The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey help to find role models in successful Turkish business women, and promote them to their society, while over in Iraq, Kurdish female fighters take on ISIS - now known as the Islamic State. (Read more)
  3. A US Navy nurse has refused to force-feed prisoners on an extended hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay, in the first protest of its kind at the Cuba detention centre for terror suspects.
  4. The most advanced aircraft ever produced in the United Kingdom is a prototype for a combat drone, named Taranis after the Celtic god of thunder, while a new project announced this month in Dubai titled "The Mall Of The World" is being described as the first indoor city in the world, "where New York meets London". Meanwhile a revolutionary new "self-cleaning" nanopaint can make virtually any surface non-stick to such an extent that water, mud and even radiation simply rolls right off.
  5. Chuck Runyon, the founder and boss of United States gym chain Anytime Fitness, says he is very proud of the fact that more than 2,000 people around the world now have his firm's logo of a running man tattooed on their bodies.
  6. Just like anywhere else in the developed world, many French restaurants just reheat pre-prepared food, rather than cooking it from scratch, while French company, a pioneer of internet "flash sales", sold 50,000 sex toys in one day when it increased its range beyond fashion.
  7. Google had been called "BackRub" in its first incarnation.
  8. Japan has been a late adopter when it comes to smartphones, but it's catching up quickly - already more than half the population owns one.
  9. An inspirational letter sent to pupils at a Lancashire primary school along with their key stage two test results has gone viral on social media sites.
  10. The loss of a loved one is tough, but blindness presents particular challenges when coping with a death in the family.

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