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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ten Things of Guns and Daughters

British defence secretary is facing calls to suspend or revoke licences to Russia/AP
  1. Licences to export arms worth millions of pounds to Russia remain in place despite fears Moscow is arming rebels in Ukraine, British politicians have revealed. A committee said licences for the sale of arms, including components for anti-aircraft guns, remained in force even though separatists are suspected of shooting down a Malaysia Airways plane. The United States says it believes pro-Russian rebels shot down the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane on 17 July by mistake. Meanwhile, safety assessments for risky air routes are "not good enough", according to the British Airline Pilots Association.
  2. As the black boxes from the downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 have arrived in the United Kingdom for analysis by air accident investigators, first planes carrying victims' bodies from the crash have left Ukraine for the Netherlands, where experts will begin identifying them. A total of 200 bodies have so far been accounted for from the 298 victims, 193 of whom were Dutch nationals. (Read more)
  3. The corpse of a woman who was on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 dropped through the roof into a family's kitchen. The home-owner in an interview said that people were falling from the sky "like rain" and no one took the corpse away for twenty-four hours. "She was someone's mother, someone's daughter, someone's sister. She was innocent," the woman said.
  4. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has backed calls by Hamas for an end to the economic blockade of the Gaza Strip as a condition for a ceasefire. (Read more)
  5. The deaths that unite women across the world: After thirteen years, NATO troops are preparing to pull out of Afghanistan. During their time there, an estimated 13,000 Afghan soldiers and 453 British servicemen have died, but the experiences of British and Afghan widows differ dramatically. In contrast to their counterparts in the United Kingdom, when Afghan soldiers are killed, their wives often struggle to find food and raise their children - the United Nations estimates that eighty-five percent of women in Afghanistan are illiterate.
  6. The British TV presenter daughter of late heroin addict Paula Yates had been a heroin addict herself, and took the substitute drug methadone for two-and-a-half years before her death, an inquest has heard.
  7. A selfie project documenting a young woman's battle with a hair-pulling disorder has been watched over five million times on YouTube.
  8. A mash-up video poking fun at the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been watched millions of times in China and around the world.
  9. The vast majority of new broadband customers in the UK are opting out of "child friendly" filters when prompted to install them by service providers. The filters block pornographic websites, as well as pages promoting self-harm or drug taking.
  10. More children are having "graduation ceremonies" when they leave nurseries. In the United States, pre-school graduations are an established, sizeable industry, with books written to reassure nervous children ahead of the ceremony.

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