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Friday, July 11, 2014

Ten Things of Heart and Mind

A blood test to beat Alzheimer's has been devised/Examiner
  1. Scientists at Oxford University and Kings College London have developed a blood test that can predict the onset of Alzheimer's so that drugs could target the disease before symptoms appear, while weight-loss experts believe that the subconscious mind governs all our habits and automatic responses and is more powerful than most people realise. Most of the decisions we make around food are actually influenced by the subconscious mind.
  2. Being woken up in the night is as detrimental as getting just four hours of sleep. This can affect parents with infants negatively, as they can feel anger towards their children and guilt over such feelings.
  3. A mother has met the man who was given her son's heart in a rare, chance meeting. She said her "dying wish" had been to feel her son's heart beat again.
  4. A 17 year-old female Belgian World Cup fan who won a L'Oreal modelling contract, promptly lost it when it was revealed she enjoyed big game hunting. (Read more)
  5. Chimpanzees raised by humans turn out to be no cleverer than those given an ape upbringing, research has shown.
  6. Twin schoolgirls who have followed their jihadi brother to train as terrorists in Syria were hard-working students who hoped to train as doctors. It's thought up to 500 British jihadists have travelled to Syria to fight. Meanwhile, a Belgian father made a dangerous three-day journey to northern Syria in a bid to persuade his son to leave the ranks of ISIS militants. (Read more)
  7. Rapper Plan B has accused the British government of being too out of touch with disadvantaged young people to be able to help them.
  8. Following George Clooney speaking out in retaliation about a Daily Mail article that claimed there were religious tensions in his upcoming marriage to Amal Alamuddin and the newspaper's subsequent apology, the Hollywood star has spoken out again, saying that he rejects it as a cover-up "for insinuating religious tensions where there are none".
  9. Astrophysicists are mystified after noticing 80 percent of the light in the universe appears to be missing. Intriguingly, the mismatch only appears in the nearby, relatively well-studied cosmos.
  10. Ancient arachnids which roamed the Earth 300 million years ago have been brought by back to life in 3-dimensional detail through computer graphics.

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