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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gross Deductions

GrossPainting by: Alex Gross/

Don't read this. It isn't
a love poem, or a play
for popular opinion. It's a requiem
for numerical understanding;
not a battle for recognition,

when a megaconitive generation
swaps thinking for dislocation,
worries about sex and status
more than education, we lessen
in a game of numeration.

In a demographic world
where we bare our net worth
deducted from the gross,
this verse is paltry growth
unfit for equating

       with Google's adsensed youth;
if we barter opinion--
not on the justification of truth--
but on its Twitter value,
then don't share this, will you?

If you worry about who hearts you,
or how many likes, or thumbs up
it takes to be popular, then how
many does it take to be right?
Do you have any clue,

or doesn't that bother you? Or if you
believe it's a post's traffic
that gives words weight,
then don't wait:
go in search instead

       for a meaningless statistic
to help dismiss it,
or to validate you
as much as it invalidates you
as a relic of rhetoric.

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