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Friday, August 07, 2015

This Summer's Day

I look at you and see
the way the sea moves
under a soft summer air,

light lines the divides
       of your body, fingers unfurling,
your toes stretching, and my own skin
quickening at the belly
       of the shore;

the sound of water lapping
against a sandy floor,
unbraiding its scent in the sun,

and I'm sightseeing:

heart stalled at the core
by the heated hum
of this summer's day--

a time to lie back,
a time to retreat

       into your adventure, like books
who consumed me in summers gone;
I venture from cover to page--
every twist holds me tighter,
every answer is a surprise,
and serves as reminder

       that no one ever knows
what will ignite one
to another's imagination;

of your still waters
and their tummult beneath,
and the touch required to breach
each, as your hands reach for mine;

I'm reeling;

fingers dip in,
the water's warm,

I'm swimming,

my head held under:
how many breaths to hold
beneath the lip of waves
that threaten to suffocate
with their passions, I wonder,

to resurface breathless
       asunder: blinded
by a hurricane of light
that simultaneously gives sight
and disappears to daylight;

voices become one with air;
you rock against me
and I look at you and see
my story in you play,
laid bare as a summer book

I'm reading

       on a long sunny day.

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